Welcome to Cutting Costs for Celiacs! Our mission is to provide grocery assistance for low-income and newly diagnosed Celiac children residing in Wisconsin, allowing them to maintain their highest level of health possible. In order to achieve this goal, we have three main programs: Monthly Stipend Program; Gift Basket Program; Monthly eNewsletter.

Gift Basket Program
Gift Basket Program for the Newly Diagnosed
Stipend Program
Stipend Program for Low-Income Families *image from Wix archives*
Coupon eNewsletter Program
Coupon eNewsletter Program for the Gluten-Free
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Email: cuttingcostsforceliacs@gmail.com

Phone: (262) 361-2482

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The IRS mandates that the federal filings of  501(c)3 organizations must be avaliable for the public to inspect free of charge. If you wish to inspect any of our documents, please contact us at cuttingcostsforceliacs@gmail.com or call us at (262) 361-2482

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